My Smart Move

Move, Analyse, Learn


The applications

At the service of sport and rehabilitation

Drawing up "biomechanical" assessments means measuring various specific parameters resulting from movement (orientations, forces, speeds). These assessments are essential to increase performance, avoid injury and optimise rehabilitation.

However, the actors of sport do not have easily available today, objective data, allowing to measure the quality of a movement, whether it is sport or rehabilitation.

To meet these challenges, mySMartMove is developing a wireless solution for accurate motion capture and analysis, usable in all environments, and offering personalised feedback, in real time and/or remotely.


- Improved diagnosis

- Improved posture
and movement

- Biomechanical assessment

- Remote monitoring
of patient progress


Preparing athletes means : 

- Improve their performance

- Improve the quality of the gesture

- Reducing the risk of injury

- Give them immediate feedback

- Enable them to return tocompetition

- Recording exercises,
with one or more athletes
to help them progress
on targeted dimensions .


- Planning the progression

- Controlling the training load

- Use appropriate equipment 

- Correcting a faulty technique

The solution

Move, measure, learn


The sensors

From high-level sports to physiotherapy practices, these sensors can record the most complex movements and provide immediate analysis in real time on the field or in the practice. These sensors are produced by xsens, the reference in the world of inertial sensors.


An adapted, easy-to-use sports garment that guarantees the correct placement of sensors throughout the exercise. Designed in collaboration with Text'In, the technology platform dedicated to textiles, supported by TechTera, the French textile industry's competitiveness cluster.

The portal

The portal is adapted to each person and will analyse your sporting performance. With explanations and diagrams, you will be able to improve your postures with the details of your actions or allow you to continue your practices without risking injury. 


The technology

Expertise and know-how

The technology embedded in this product is based on a patent that allows it to analyse the movements of a runner's body segments, and to inform the runner of the conformity and quality of his or her movement, compared to a reference movement.
Merger & analysis

of data

real time

on-board movements

Automatic recognition

of movements and reconstruction of the reference movement





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